STACK & Double UP Challenge: Who's Got Hustle & Who's Financially Strategic

We'll give you INSTANT ACCESS to
$200 -$1000 Can You FLIP IT & DOUBLE UP

This challenge is perfect for beginners learning to understand building wealth. How to FLIP money to "make money, make money".


Tell your friends to join. Two minds are better than one!

Frequently Asked Questions?

This challenge is for individuals who are new to leveraging or flipping money. The purpose of this challenge is to give you a small amount and help you flip it,  to properly use other people money. To help you understand why being financially responsible is more important than just simply being approved for a large sum of money. 

You’ll pay the registration fee of $49 one time. You’ll get instant access to start the challenge (on the receipt thank you page you’ll see a START COURSE button ) that’s how you join the challenge. During the challenge, you’ll need 2 devices. 1 cellphone (to execute what I mention to access the money) and the other device can be a phone, laptop, desktop, ipad, tablet etc. (so you can watch the zoom on screen) 


During the challenge you will be instructed to use your cellphone to access the funds of leveraging power. Instant approvals on the spot. Largest approval so far is $3200 


Once you access all the funds instructed. We will discuss strategies to double this money. We will also talk about making money grow and etc.


The purpose of this challenge is to help you understand flipping money to practice with real money the power of leveraging money. 

No, there is not a credit score requirement. 

This is real money that you will gain instant access to. Please read our disclaimer at the bottom of this page. This challenge is for responsible individuals who can listen and be strategic with this power of leveraging money. 

This is why we are giving you a little to see how well you can management money. What you do with a little is what you will do with a lot.

As you know Kane does not bring anything to the people without first applying the strategy herself, and allowing a small test group to apply the strategy. From the test group we had the least approval be $200 with average approval just over $1300 and highest $3200. Your amount will vary. We have multiple sources well give you during the challenge to optimize your leverage power.  

Of course, that’s part of wealthing building being able to leverage borrowed money, flip it, double it. Payback the owed money and keep the profit money you made from leveraging. 

You’ll have fun while learning to leverage money. After the challenge you can move to the next level that STACK offers which is our DUTCH Strategy that is for serious business individual looking to get funded up to $100K in 90 days. We created the STACK & Double Up challenge to be a small scale to learn with a little money low risk. We also welcome you to join Stack Wealth Network.

There are to type of debt, GOOD and BAD. Liability debt and ASSET debt. 

Currently right now let’s talk about all this funding going on online. 

Debt becomes BAD when a person gets access to much money without a plan of action to repay it or not enough liquidity/cash flowing in to balance the leverage. 

I’m not a financial advisor but common sense is… if you don’t have liquidity or a plan of action YOU WILL BE IN DEBT!  

This challenge is to give you access to a small amount & teach you the basics so you can grow to be financially responsible.

Who's Presenting This Challenge?

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Still Curious ? Watch The First 8 Mins of Double Up Challenge

Watch the first 8 mins of the challenge, it gives you a good foundation of who, what, and what’s to come for the DOUBLE UP Challenge! 

*Specific results are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.

I'm Ready Let Me Test My Money Skills!

What you do with a little is what you'll do with a lot!

Our Disclaimer & Terms: While we like to say 100% of you will succeed at this challenge, it’s just not true. It’s going to be based on each person’s effort and skill level, commitment, and creative thinking. There is a 99% chance that everyone in the challenge will be able to instantly access $200 -$1,000 or more LIVE in the challenge. We can not say 100% due to the legality of a rare case that someone joins who is not 21 years of age or older and does not have a checking account. This challenge is for those financially responsible and anyone who joins this challenge understands that they are responsible for repaying any funds advanced to them for this challenge. Joining this challenge you agree and shall defend, indemnify and hold Stack Wealth Network, its officers, officials, employees, contractors, owners, and volunteers harmless from any and all claims, injuries, damages, losses, or suits including attorney fees, arising out of or in connection with the performance of this challenge.