Digital Currency Is Changing The Way We Transact

 Digital Currency Is Changing The Way We Transact

I understand many people are not yet comfortable with the concept of digital currency; when we say crypto, they get lost. The truth is you’ve been participating in digital currency the moment you got a debit card. So here is my definition of clarity…..

Roots of Crypto

Krypton is a chemical element on the periodic table with the symbol Kr and atomic number 36. It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless noble gas. So essentially, you cannot see it (hidden)

The word Greek krypt√≥s, meaning “hidden.”

We change the K to a letter C for Crypto.

If I say Crypto Currency …..I am saying HIDDEN CURRENCY. Simple as that, you don’t need to get all lost in the sauce.

In a pandemic, you dont panic, you pivot. Follow the money… period¬†– Sabrina Kane

Today I won’t get into the dark web and how all this blockchain came about from the underground world. The critical fact is that CryptoCurrency is something you need to understand, and you need to get yourself some. We’ll get to that later, and you know Chris Cole, the GOAT that’s my mentor. He’s leading STACK on all financial ventures, investments, and insights so our community can be profitable and financially secure.

What’s happening with the USD dollar? First off, go get a dollar and read it” it SAYS IN GOD WE TRUST,” which means this dollar ain’t backed by nothing, so you just better trust in God that the FEDS (federal reserve) choose to be nice nice, or else……. that’s why we have inflation. Then, the dollar can be printed/mint up as much as we need on-demand, creating DEBT! With cryptocurrency, there is a limit amount that can be minted.

If the banks want to act an ass and shut it down… they only FDIC insure you like $100K if that. I believe that has changed to less, if any lol;… what are you going to do? If everyone went and withdrew their money out of the bank, this would not be possible because it’s not there….. its only numbers, and the USA is in DEBT.

It would be best to have backed and secured currencies such as cryptocurrency. We’ll continue this conversation later this week.

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